“Desperation is Opportunity awaiting Inspiration”

Today, I listened to a speaker relay a pretty powerful message on the topic of “turning desperation into inspiration.” Afterward, the audience was given the opportunity to reflect, then share how the message either impacted or resonated with them. Because of my experience with the topic, I was excited but wanted to hear from the members of the audience before I spoke.

Like the speaker, many shared experiences where desperation created a turning point in their lives. But more people than I expected, seemed to desire the ability to recreate the actual desperation from which their moments of inspiration evolved. Most of the participants agreed that these were the moments from which they realized and declared new or renewed aspirations. But many struggled to see these moments outside of the negative connotation of the origin from which they derived.

“They seemed to desire the ability to receate the actual desperation from which their moments of inspiration evolved.”

I knew that in order to share my perspective, I would have to go to a very vulnerable place in my life. But, I was still encouraged by the notion that I no longer resided in that space. Once I opened up, I knew this would be a story I wanted to share with you, but only in the hopes you will find inspiration and seek your own aspiration. This is why I started Lotus Petals Therapy and why Dee Dial Lifestyle is so important to me. But, I digress…

The American language is so full of idioms and misused words that starting this discussion by having us agree on a few terms seems necessary. Let us agree that desperation refers to a state of despair from which some extreme behavior occurs. Let’s say that inspiration is the motivation to do something, often thought of as positive. And, aspiration is a desire or hope for something, often in the future.

So, my business has grown from a state of desperation where I suffered from what I believed then, to be a medical setback, career disillusionment, and unbearable racial trauma. My aspiration was for a healthier state of well-being, for me and those around me. My inspiration came from the discovery of our ability to heal ourselves and overcome obstacles using techniques that provide emotional, mental, and spiritual empowerment.

Many of my writings started as a cathartic source of my own personal healing so the speaker’s message was very timely and very personal. Our society is simultaneously going through a phase of openness and vulnerability and closed-mindedness and cruelty. Because of that, parts of what I know could sincerely reach and help others, remain on my editor’s desk and mine. Others, I am concerned have been edited to the point of uselessness. But I heard in the speaker’s voice, a reminder of my commitment to my readers. So, I began this post, almost immediately. My editor is not going to like that I am posting this without input. But you deserve it.

So when I think back to the day I was diagnosed, I realize the power of language and I am reminded of two important things. One is that nothing lasts forever; everything is in a state of impermanence. (Impermanence is one of my favorite topics, so you will hear more about that one in the future.) The second is that feelings of desperation are actually opportunities where despair has actually come to an end.

It’s at that endpoint where you actually have a choice. You can continue to live in the condition that only resides in your perspective or you can change your perspective and actually live.

“You can continue to live in the condition that only resides in your perspective or you can change your perspective and actually live.”

As a former patient of my diagnosis, I am able to help others find options that bring a source of healing. As a former cog in a corporate machine, I am able to actively listen to others who desire a similar place of internal peace. As a former victim of racial trauma, I am able to coach others to a place of racial healing. And the biggest shift occurred with my ability to reframe my state of despair and envision pure opportunity.

Despair often occurs when the options you have chosen have come to an end. Deep down inside, your consciousness knows that the world operates in a state of impermanence but you are bound by the natural desire to cling to what is comfortable or known. However, as soon as you let go, “opportunity” awaits.

The sooner you see your despair as pure “opportunity,” the sooner inspiration will appear. It is in that moment that you will see that desperation, inspiration, and opportunity, actually, all reside in the same space. Once you come to see the beauty of this revelation, you can aspire to the next phase of your life.

“Desperation, inspiration and opportunity reside in the same space.”

If you are stuck on this concept, we are happy to help. Schedule a consultation today and Lotus Petals Therapy or Dee Dial Lifestyle are happy to help guide you home.

Published by Dee Dial

“You cannot take clients where you have never been” and my coaching clients benefit from the wisdom of my lived experience, navigating difficult conversations and complex conditions, in order to achieve my own personal and professional success. Disclaimer: I am also a Staff Director with over 30 years of consulting, business management, finance, accounting, auditing and systems experience. I am a working mother and wife who has owned her own business since 1993. Some of my business ventures include teaching, professional writing, consulting and managing retail establishments. This results in life, business and other lived experiences in a number of areas but views of any material written by me are mine. They are not reflective of the views of any of my current or previous employers.

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