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One of my mentors used to say, “you can take a client where you have never been.” So, I bring my over 30 years of corporate, business, consulting, training, spiritual and work-life experience to my sessions to ensure the maximum benefit for my clients. I am currently pursuing accreditation with International Coach Federation (ICF) so you can trust me to maintain their strict Standards of Ethical Conduct while keeping my rates relatively affordable for those new to coaching.

Coaching relationships are based on mutual respect and trust which is why complementary client consultations are necessary. First impressions are often lasting so I provide a 20-minute consultation to will allow you to determine if my style, approach and methods work for you. You can also request a list of professional reviews here if you want to read what others are saying about their experience.

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“Dee is a great listener. She helped me understand things about myself I had not considered. I have completely changed my mind about leaving my current situation. I now see posibilities.”


Lotus Petals Therapy

Founded in 2019 by Dee Dial, Lotus Petals Therapy and Dee Dial Lifestyle are owned and operated by Lotus Petals LLC, now based in Arlington, VA.

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