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Yes, you have been here before, searching for answers all around you when they have always been inside you. You have been talking about making changes to your life that are more centered and deliberate. But, you are unable to decipher the noise or focus long enough to hear its voice. Then, that internal voice awakens you in the night because you have ignored it all day — and that is probably how you got here.

Some of you have been here before. I mean you have literally been to this site before, and are seeing our evolution first hand. In acknowledgement of the ways in which our lives have all shifted, we have expanded our services and we have become virtually, more present.

In addition to a growing list of services, I lead a community of friends, with similar experiences and growing dissatisfaction with traditional answers. For now, be open to join us for virtual tea, coffee or a glass of wine. An open heart expands the mind.

We have been preparing for months and we plan to launch soon. Details are coming soon but we wanted you to know we exist. In the interim, you can subscribe below to read our blogs and get launch information.

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Ki (Key) Notes From the Blog-iverse

About Me

Dee Dial, Reiki Master, Shinpiden, Blogger, Teacher and Friend

I blogged anonymously for many years, mostly about things others didn’t feel comfortable saying out loud. It seems that everyone does that these days but my topics have always been heart-centered but authentic, provocative yet thoughtful. Even before “safe spaces” were being discussed, I sense the need and always tried to project that in my writing. There is enough negativity in the world; we don’t endorse that behavior here. But there is definitely a need for facilitated spaces where we can have civil conversations about really tough subjects, Dee Dial Style.

I am certified in the tradition of Usui Reiki Ryoho, as a Master and Teacher. The journey to becoming an effective Reiki Master involved many life changes. But through that transformation, a lifestyle evolved that has allowed me to live my best life. This site is also where I share that experience with you in hopes it will inspire, heal and otherwise support your own personal growth.

Read more about my inspiration, here.

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