bring the transformative experience of energy healing, coaching and related tools for wellness sustaining habits. 

Yes, you have been here before, searching for answers all around you when they have always been inside you. You have been talking about making changes to your life that are more centered and deliberate. But, you are unable to decipher the noise or focus long enough to hear its voice. Then, that internal voice awakens you in the night because you have ignored it all day — and that is probably how you got here.

Some of you have been here before. I mean you have literally been to this site before, and are seeing our evolution first hand. Our focus has always been on healing however, in acknowledgment of the ways in which our lives have shifted, we have expanded our services and we have become virtually, more present.

Our Breathwork and Meditation classes are also available virtually, in order to bring emotional clarity where you feel most comfortable. Our Lifestyle Coaches will meet you where you are in your life to guide you to the healing space of self-awareness. We have added Distance Reiki in order to facilitate physical healing from the comfort of your home. And for those of you interested in learning the craft yourself, Reiki I Shoden Classes are being designed to place the tools of self-healing in your literal hands.

In addition to a growing list of services, I have been leading a community of friends, with similar experiences and growing dissatisfaction with traditional answers. Read through our blogs, watch our vlogs or listen to a podcast designed to help you sort through the cacophony and find the healing space.


Reiki Healing, Meditation, Breathwork


Lifestyle Coaching and Other Resources

Healing Consultation

All new clients start with a complementary healing consultation.

We are preparing behind the scenes with content that will inspire you, intrigue you and engage you. Our topics may require you to lean into your discomfort but, that’s where growth and freedom coexist. We will do our part to provide an emotionally safe space to explore the boundaries of the fresh and unchartered.

For now, be open to joining us for virtual tea, coffee or a glass of wine by subscribing to the notifications, below.

Lifestyle Blog

“Desperation is Opportunity awaiting Inspiration”

Today, I listened to a speaker relay a pretty powerful message on the topic of “turning desperation into aspiration.” Afterward, the audience was given the opportunity to reflect, then share how the message either impacted or resonated with them. Because of my experience with the topic, I was excited but wanted to hear from theContinue reading ““Desperation is Opportunity awaiting Inspiration””

What is Reiki (ray-key)?

Reiki is the same life force energy referred to in such practices as Qigong, Tai Chi and Acupuncture however it actually comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “universal life” and (Ki) which means “energy.”

Lotus Petals Therapy

Founded in 2019 by Dee Dial, Lotus Petals Therapy and Dee Dial Lifestyle are owned and operated by Lotus Petals LLC, now based in Arlington, VA.

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