bring the transformative experience of energy healing with coaching and related tools for wellness sustaining habits. 

Yes, you have been here before, searching for answers all around you when they have always been inside you. You have been talking about making changes to your life that are more centered, healthful and deliberate. However, you are unable to decipher the message from the noise or focus long enough to hear its voice. Then, that internal voice awakens you in the night (because you have ignored it all day) — and that is probably how you got here.

Some of you have been here before. I mean you have literally been to this site before, and are seeing our evolution first hand. Our focus has always been on healing however, in acknowledgment of the ways in which our lives have shifted, we have expanded our services and we have become virtually, more present.

Our Reiki I Shoden Classes are designed to place the tools of self-healing, literally, into your own hands. Our Lifestyle Coaches will meet you where you are in life to guide you to the healing space of self-awareness. We incorporate years of professional, personal, spiritual, training and lived experiences into all that we deliver.

In addition to a growing list of services, we are a community of friends, with similar experiences and growing dissatisfaction with traditional answers. Read through our blogs, watch our vlogs or listen to a podcast designed to help you sort through the cacophony and find a healing space.


discover your inner truths


balance your inner strengths


find your inner voice

We want our content to inspire you, intrigue you, and engage you. Some of our topics may require you to embrace a growth mindset that may start with some discomfort as your capacity for learning begins to expand and then excel you to cognitive freedom where internal change begins to happen. We will do our part to provide an emotionally safe space for you to explore the freedom of unchartered thinking.

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From Anger to Audacity

Being a paid subscriber provides you access to content and resources I do not share with my growing public. Otherwise, you are supporting the work I do to help oppressed communities through mentoring and pro bono coaching.

Equity by Design

Sometimes I write my own content, careful to give credit to my sources, if any, or provide references to the authors that influence my thought. Other times, I come across content that should not be abbreviated or replicated in any form. The article that follows is one of those sources. Adapted from her book, on…

Challenging Your Mental Models

While on holiday break, I watched a documentary that compared the leave policies of several Western European companies to that of the United States. These companies were attributing their success to a policy backed by a law that required employees to receive a minimum of up to eight weeks of paid leave each year. During…

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