What Inspired Me?

THE INSPIRATION: Being diagnosed with several autoimmune conditions — as the “diagnosis of exclusion” — was taking a toll on both my physical and overall emotional well-being. By the time I scheduled my second Rheumatology visit, received my third diagnosis (fibromyalgia) and was given my sixth prescription, cynicism was bordering on distrust. Sensing my angst,Continue reading “What Inspired Me?”

Schedule a Healing Consult

ALL NEW CLIENTS START WITH A FREE CONSULTATION Because your healing journey is a personal journey, we provide all new customers with a free 30-minute phone consultation. During this consultation, you can ask questions, plan a customized session and even experience an introductory healing session for yourself. This experience will allow you to determine ifContinue reading “Schedule a Healing Consult”

Lotus Petals Gift Shop

TAKE CARE AND TAKE STOCK Our bath bombs, beads, soaps and sage are the perfect supplements to a relaxed lifestyle. Pick up a few when you are in our office or we can bring a few with us to your in-home appointment. The ingredient list and instructions for use are detailed below: LOTUS PETALS SHOWERContinue reading “Lotus Petals Gift Shop”