Client Resources & Consent

After your Complementary Consultation, you can view or download the appropriate document or resource below:

COACHING CLIENTS (Dee Dial Lifestyle), you will receive a customized coaching agreement when you schedule your first session. If you would like to view or download a sample form click below:

COACHING CLIENTS: To establish expectations, this resource will help you differentiate disciplines that are similar but not the same as coaching:

Code of Ethics: Read or download our International Association of Reiki Professionals Code of Ethics:

REIKI CLIENTS (Lotus Petals Therapy): Our Reiki After Care document will provide you with a few key actions you can take to ensure an optimal energy healing experience:

Our Informed Reiki Consent Package includes all of the forms that need to be completed prior to services being rendered:

Are you missing a Reiki form? You can download them separately here:

Lotus Petals Therapy

Founded in 2019 by Dee Dial, Lotus Petals Therapy and Dee Dial Lifestyle are owned and operated by Lotus Petals LLC, now based in Arlington, VA.

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