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HEALING is not a cure. Sometimes people are healed through acceptance, awareness or acknowledgment. Others find healing through understanding and being understood. Healing for most people occurs when they realize the power within themselves and are able to safely let go of reliance on external substances and people. How will you find your healing path? Where will it take you when you do?

Reiki Healing

Healing imbalances in your energetic flow

In-Person, Virtual, Distance and Group Reiki


Healing your mental state through Breath


Healing with meditative relaxation techniques

Coming Soon

Reiki I Shoden Classes

Meditation techniques to clear your energy. How subtle energy works in your life. The ability to heal yourself and others. Participants will receive certification and attunements and reiju.

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“I was struggling with stress and restlessness for a while and wanted to try Reiki. After the session, I found my body and mind more at ease as my headache was over shortly and my body felt lighter. I would recommend this to experience!”


Lotus Petals Therapy

Founded in 2019 by Dee Dial, Lotus Petals Therapy and Dee Dial Lifestyle are owned and operated by Lotus Petals LLC, now based in Arlington, VA.

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