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“Desperation is Opportunity awaiting Inspiration”

Today, I listened to a speaker relay a pretty powerful message on the topic of “turning desperation into aspiration.” Afterward, the audience was given the opportunity to reflect, then share how the message either impacted or resonated with them. Because of my experience with the topic, I was excited but wanted to hear from the…

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Diverse Viewpoints: Spreading the Wealth

My good friend and financial advisor is working with Merrill to research and spread knowledge about the nature of wealth in “communities with people of color.” By the way, I do not work for Merrill or have any affiliation with Bank of America. I am doing my part to spread the wealth (pun intended) and…

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What is Reiki (ray-key)?

Reiki is the same life force energy referred to in such practices as Qigong, Tai Chi and Acupuncture however it actually comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “universal life” and (Ki) which means “energy.”

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What Inspired Me?

THE INSPIRATION: Being diagnosed with several autoimmune conditions — as the “diagnosis of exclusion” — was taking a toll on both my physical and overall emotional well-being. By the time I scheduled my second Rheumatology visit, received my third diagnosis (fibromyalgia) and was given my sixth prescription, cynicism was bordering on distrust. Sensing my angst,…

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What’s siting on my desk

We have been talking about this for months and a lot has happened in that time. So my virtual desk is full of journaled notes, draft posts, edited revisions and even some unwritten thoughts. No matter the topic, the goal is to heal from the experience and to find a way to get the message…

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Schedule a Healing Consult

ALL NEW CLIENTS START WITH A COMPLEMENTARY CONSULTATION Because your healing journey is a personal journey, we provide all new customers with a free 30-minute phone or video consultation. During this consultation, you can ask questions, plan a customized session and even experience an introductory healing or coaching session for yourself. This experience will allow…

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