What Inspired Me?

THE INSPIRATION: Being diagnosed with several autoimmune conditions — as the “diagnosis of exclusion” — was taking a toll on both my physical and overall emotional well-being. By the time I scheduled my second Rheumatology visit, received my third diagnosis (fibromyalgia) and was given my sixth prescription, cynicism was bordering on distrust. Sensing my angst,Continue reading “What Inspired Me?”

What’s siting on my desk

We have been talking about this for months and a lot has happened in that time. So my virtual desk is full of journaled notes, draft posts, edited revisions and even some unwritten thoughts. No matter the topic, the goal is to heal from the experience and to find a way to get the messageContinue reading “What’s siting on my desk”

Lotus Petals Gift Shop

TAKE CARE AND TAKE STOCK Our bath bombs, beads, soaps and sage are the perfect supplements to a relaxed lifestyle. Pick up a few when you are in our office or we can bring a few with us to your in-home appointment. The ingredient list and instructions for use are detailed below: LOTUS PETALS SHOWERContinue reading “Lotus Petals Gift Shop”