From Anger to Audacity

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Published by Dee Dial

I blogged anonymously for many years, mostly about subjects that were difficult to discuss but where there was a critical for understanding including on topics of race, religion and social justice. It seems that everyone does that these days but my topics have always tried to be heart-centered but authentic, provocative yet thoughtful. Even before “safe spaces” were being discussed, I sensed the need and always tried to project that in my writing and social interactions. (There is enough negativity in the world; we don’t endorse that behavior here). But there is definitely remains the need for facilitated spaces where we can have civil conversations about really tough subjects. Disclaimer: I am also a Staff Director with over 30 years of consulting, business management, finance, accounting, auditing and systems experience. I am a working mother and wife who has owned her own business since 1993. Some of my business ventures include teaching, professional writing, consulting and managing retail establishments. This results in life, business and other lived experiences in a number of areas but views of any material written by me are mine. They are not reflective of the views of any of my current or previous employers.

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