Equity by Design

Sometimes I write my own content, careful to give credit to my sources, if any, or provide references to the authors that influence my thought. Other times, I come across content that should not be abbreviated or replicated in any form. The article that follows is one of those sources. Adapted from her book, on the same topic, this author speaks truth to the need for equitable solutions in a way that both validates and soothes.

Equity is how our human soul resists the temptation of revenge born of grief and sorrow. ” — Minal Bopaiah, “The Virtue of Equity

Those who have read the article suggested that I provide a link to the TED Talk by Antionette Carroll, entitled “Justice By Design” which is referenced in the article and speaks to the ways in which systemic inequities are part of an intentional design.

“…systems of oppression, inequalities, and inequities are by design. Therefore, only intentional design can dismantle them.” Antoinette Carroll

Published by Dee Dial

I blogged anonymously for many years, mostly about things others didn’t feel comfortable saying out loud. People would respond through comments using usernames, as usual. It seems that everyone does that these days but my topics have always been heart-centered but authentic, provocative yet thoughtful. Even before “safe spaces” were being discussed, I sense the need and always tried to project that in my writing. There is enough negativity in the world; we don’t endorse that behavior here. But there is definitely a need for facilitated spaces where we can have civil conversations about really tough subjects, Dee Dial Style. Disclaimer: I am also a Staff Director with over 30 years of consulting, business management, finance, accounting, auditing and systems experience. The views of any material written by me are mine. They are not reflective of the views of any of my employers.

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