What is Reiki (ray-key)?

Reiki is often loosely translated from Japanese to mean “life force energy” and is the same element referred to in such practices as Qigong, Tai Chi and Acupressure. In order to experience optimal health, these modalities assert that a person’s “ki” should be strong and free-flowing. When a person’s energy becomes weak or blocked, it is believed that symptoms of physical and emotional imbalance can occur. Reiki practitioners are trained to recognize and guide this energy throughout the client’s body systems in order to bring about balance, vitality, improved health and well-being.

Systems of Reiki Many Reiki techniques can be traced to its founder, Usui Mikao, who developed the original system of Reiki and whose teachings were heavily influenced by the Shinto and Tendai practices of Japan. Because of that, Reiki therapy is often considered a spiritual experience however, the treatments are not affiliated with any particular religion or religious practice.

Many of the systems of Reiki practiced in the United States are largely influenced by Hawayo Takata, who is credited for bringing Reiki practices to Hawaii. However, the Usui Reiki Ryoho system taught and practiced by Lotus Petals Therapy is derived from the original Japanese practice to include its precepts, meditations, mantras, hands-on healing and initiations (reiju). Usui Reiki practitioners study and practice elements for years before they are able to master these concepts and teach them to others.

Research on Reiki Reiki is often classified as a biofield energy because it works with the body’s subtle energy and related meridians. Western scientific methods are often not designed to measure or detect the body’s biofield or meridians, so Reiki is sometimes dismissed on the basis of physical evidence, alone. However, the Cleveland Clinic not only employs Reiki Masters but has performed studies that demonstrate its ability to help ease tension, alleviate stress and reduce related symptoms. Controlled clinical trials have also shown Reiki to be effective at relieving pain, reducing anxiety and supporting the body’s natural healing process, after medical treatments like surgery.

Reiki is considered safe to use as part of an integrative medical approach to wellness and might be covered by health insurance if it’s part of another treatment that qualifies for coverage. Reiki treatments are not intended to substitute for the medical expertise and advice of your health care provider(s), however. If you have an ongoing medical condition, we encourage you to discuss any decisions about our treatment or care with your healthcare provider.

Our Credentials in Reiki Most Reiki Professionals are members of associations that provide continuing education and monitor ethical practices. All Lotus Petals Therapy affiliated practitioners are held to the Code of Ethics defined by the International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP) for which we are active, registered members. We are also members of the International Reiki Organization and maintain the required levels of professional insurance as provided by the Energy Medicine Professionals Association.

If you have any questions regarding our experience, training or credentials, please feel free to email us at info@lotuspetalstherapy.com.

Again, the Disclaimer:  The information provided here is to be used for educational purposes only and should not be construed as or a substitute for the medical advice of your healthcare provider.

Published by Dee Dial

I blogged anonymously for many years, mostly about subjects that were difficult to discuss but where there was a critical for understanding including on topics of race, religion and social justice. It seems that everyone does that these days but my topics have always tried to be heart-centered but authentic, provocative yet thoughtful. Even before “safe spaces” were being discussed, I sensed the need and always tried to project that in my writing and social interactions. (There is enough negativity in the world; we don’t endorse that behavior here). But there is definitely remains the need for facilitated spaces where we can have civil conversations about really tough subjects. Disclaimer: I am also a Staff Director with over 30 years of consulting, business management, finance, accounting, auditing and systems experience. I am a working mother and wife who has owned her own business since 1993. Some of my business ventures include teaching, professional writing, consulting and managing retail establishments. This results in life, business and other lived experiences in a number of areas but views of any material written by me are mine. They are not reflective of the views of any of my current or previous employers.

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