What Inspired Me?

THE INSPIRATION: Being diagnosed with several autoimmune conditions — as the “diagnosis of exclusion” — was taking a toll on both my physical and overall emotional well-being. By the time I scheduled my second Rheumatology visit, received my third diagnosis (fibromyalgia) and was given my sixth prescription, cynicism was bordering on distrust. Sensing my angst, however, this new Rheumatologist held my hands and I promised to never disclose her as the source of the advice she shared. So when I visited an energy healer that very next week, the only reference I could provide was that “my source” had previously practiced “eastern medicine,” where the state of one’s chakras and meridians are part of overall healthcare.

Months later, my recovery was so remarkable, I wanted to learn energy healing for myself. Over the years, I studied with several Reiki Masters and came across many variations of energy healing including healing touch. But as I deepened my knowledge and engaged in daily self-practice, I decided to pursue my certification in Usui Reiki Ryoho and became a Reiki Master and teacher of that tradition.

“My recovery was so remarkable, I wanted to learn energy healing for myself.”

Dee Dial, Reiki Master Shinpiden

Like many in my field, I started out practicing Reiki on friends and family but, it did not take long to see a clear connection between my recovery, their experience and everything else I had learned related to the body’s meridians and the nature of Ki (also, Qi or Chi). I considered this experience, combined with nearly 25 years of practice in related modalities, like Tai Chi and Tibetan Tao Lung when I decided to open Lotus Petals Therapy.

THE PRACTICE: I have owned my own business since 1998, however, like many businesses, we have had to modify our services to accommodate the market and the conditions of the ongoing pandemic. This included adding distance healing, wellness products and a few other practitioners to ensure a holistic circle of care. Our “circle of care” includes lifestyle coaching, meditation and breath-work training but always includes Reiki as a core or complementary service.

THE TRANSFORMATION: This experience resulted in a transformation into the more healthful lifestyle that I often write about, talk about and share with others. Most of what I post here are actually excerpts from my many journals, informal interviews with professionals, research performed as part of gaining my credentials or inspired by client experiences. My friends, clients and colleagues are responsible for coining the term “Dee Dial Style” and that is how this site and Dee Dial Lifestyle was born.

THE EXPERIENCE, EDITED Although I write about my authentic, lived experience, my editors and attorneys often change my content and post required disclaimers. It is nearly impossible to determine all the ways in which written content can be misunderstood, so, feel free to schedule a consultation, if you are interested in talking more about my experience or sharing yours.

REQUIRED DISCLAIMER As a Reiki Practitioner, I do not diagnose or treat diseases. I am not a physician and neither my Reiki sessions, verbal communications or written commentary are intended to substitute for the advice of your health care provider(s). This site and its components are offered for informational or educational purposes only. This site shall not be responsible or liable for the accuracy, usefulness or availability of any information transmitted or made available via the site, and shall not be responsible or liable for any error or omissions in that information. Additionally, the views expressed on this site are written in no other capacity outside of my affiliation with Lotus Petals LLC and my being a private citizen.

Published by Dee Dial

I blogged anonymously for many years, mostly about subjects that were difficult to discuss but where there was a critical for understanding including on topics of race, religion and social justice. It seems that everyone does that these days but my topics have always tried to be heart-centered but authentic, provocative yet thoughtful. Even before “safe spaces” were being discussed, I sensed the need and always tried to project that in my writing and social interactions. (There is enough negativity in the world; we don’t endorse that behavior here). But there is definitely remains the need for facilitated spaces where we can have civil conversations about really tough subjects. Disclaimer: I am also a Staff Director with over 30 years of consulting, business management, finance, accounting, auditing and systems experience. I am a working mother and wife who has owned her own business since 1993. Some of my business ventures include teaching, professional writing, consulting and managing retail establishments. This results in life, business and other lived experiences in a number of areas but views of any material written by me are mine. They are not reflective of the views of any of my current or previous employers.

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